Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pattern Suggestion?

I just realized that both of the patterns I have shared recently on my blog are hearts. I would like to create a seasonal pattern that I can share with everyone but I would love some suggestions as to what my readers would like to see. If there is a Thanksgiving or Christmas shape that you would just love to do an iris fold card of, please let me know. I will pick one of your suggestions and make up a free pattern to post here.
Here is one idea for Christmas cards. Do a basic circle pattern and top it with a small piece of shiny gold or silver paper that has been trimmed with scalloped scissors to look like an ornament topper. I also used ribbon in place of one of my papers. It has a nice shiny finish (although I have no idea if it is acid free). I cut this circle out with my Fiskars ultra shapeXpress and a circle template. It is much easier and cleaner than cutting freehand. The circle at the bottom edge of the card front was done using an old CD. I didn't think about it then but I could have used my CD as a template with my shapeXpress. Instead I cut it freehand with scissors and I can see that its not perfect. Oh well, live and learn...and make another card the right way this time!!
I would seriously love to hear some suggestions for holiday patterns you would like to see.


Anonymous said...

I am LOVING your iris folding, and I really like this card you have pictured here. I was thinking about this technique for my Christmas cards, and would like to attempt it for at least a few of them. I think it would be nice to have a Christmas tree - but - I don't have a die cut for cutting out the tree in the middle of the card. A star would be very holiday like too - and that I could come up with. You are VERY talented! I wondered, do you do all of your own patterns?
Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!!!
Vicki Bell

Den and Jen said...

Hisaho left this comment at Fiskateers "I would love to see a Christmas shape. I don't know how complicated a shape you can do, but maybe a wreath, poinsettia or holly."

Yes Vicki, I do make all of my own patterns. Thanks for your comments and suggestions!