Monday, April 28, 2008

Trainings and Raindots

First, I have to say that I get really, REALLY frustrated when blogger decides to erase my entire post when I try to post it. Doesn't it realize that I just spent an hour, off and on, trying to get this post typed while taking care of kids and Shirley??? Deep breath......
Here we go again: This past Thursday April 24th, I held a tool demonstrator training class for the local scrapbook store managers and buyers in the greater Salt Lake area. Deea Hobbs, the local Fiskars sales rep, set up the training at Heartland Paper Co. in Taylorsville, Utah. After I showed everyone how the Fiskars tools work, we had some prize give-aways, a wonderful lunch (YUMMY sandwiches), make & takes, and time to play with the tools. It was so great to meet all of these wonderful ladies. I loved to hear how excited they were to learn how to use the tools that they sell every day in their stores and warehouses. Thank you ladies for spending your afternoon with us. I hope you had as much fun as I did! Thank you Deea for the wonderful prizes, lunch, make & take, and just being the sweet you that you are!
Raindots! I LOVE raindots! They are so fun and so easy to use! This year there are new raindots shaped like eyelets. These are perfect for the eyelet challenged like myself. I just punched a 1/8" hole and stuck a raindot over the top. Voila! I was done! That was much too easy and much too cute! Thanks May from Fiskateers for sharing some so I could play! And since my card is all about spring, I just have to say "HAPPY SPRING" everyone! Its finally going to hit the mid-70's here today. I am soooo ready for spring.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Surprise

I got the most wonderful surprise from my friend Carolyn in Australia! She has sent me the Arte Y Pico Award. I met her through She is an amazing card maker and crafter. I now have to select 5 people I believe are deserving of the award as well. I have to get the kids to bed and decide on my 5 so I will have to post them later.

Here is how this works:

1) I have to select 5 blogs who deserve the award for their creativity, interest and design and their contribution to the blogging community irrespective of language.

2)Each award must name the author and a link to their blog so that others may visit their blog

3)Each award winner must show the award and put the name and link of the person they received it from.

4)The award winner and the person who awarded it must show a link to the "Arte Y Pico" blog so that others will know the origin of the award.
Thank you Carolyn for considering me worthy of this award!
(The site is in Spanish. I used to translate.)

Arte Y Pico Awards

It was fun to choose the blogs of those that I felt deserved the Arte Y Pico Award. I love the inspiration I get from so many wonderful crafters out there. So without much ado, here are my winners:

I have just recently discovered Lea's blog while reading Lea creates so many amazing projects. I'm definately inspired!

One of the most amazing photographers I have ever met is Jane Hasty. You can see Jane's blog here. I love all of her baby photos. I could spend an hour just looking at cute babies!

Another Utah girl is my Fiska-friend and fellow Fiskars certified tool demonstrator Erin. Check out Erin's blog here and see her wonderful cards and projects. Wonderful inspiration.

I have never been the best doodler. Here is Stephanie's blog with her wonderful doodles and inspiration. She is also the creator of Home and Heart magazine.

Here is Spidergirl Angela's blog. I love her scrapbook pages, ScrapSecrets, and candy reviews.

Congrats ladies on your Arte Y Pico Awards!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fiskars Fingertip Craft Knife

I know that a lot of my posts lately have been about Fiskars tools. As a certified tool demonstrator, I like to try out the new tools that I might get to demo. Here is my review of the Fiskars Fingertip Craft Knife that I posted at

I have to admit that the first time I tried the fingertip craft knife, I did not like it. I borrowed a fellow fiskateers at a tool training and used it for about one minute. To me, it seemed like a redo of something that already works. I love exacto knives and have never had a problem with their shape.
When I saw the PINK fingertip craft knife in Target, I figured it was worth buying one. I hadn't used it very much in the first few weeks that I had it. The night before last, I needed to cut out some games for my son's kindergarten teacher. I had an alphabet snake and some cracked alphabet eggs that needed to be cut out. I started out with scissors. It was very tiring on my hands to do that much cutting in circles and swirls.

I decided to try my fingertip knife. I LOVED it! I figured my regular exacto knife would work as well so I switched over for a few minutes. I was amazed at how much better I liked the fingertip craft knife. It was much more comfortable on my finger and I didn't find myself over hyper-extending my finger like I usually do (see picture below ~ my finger bends at a weird angle).

My only complaint is that the hard plastic wrap around puts a dent in my finger and kind of hurts after a while. I solved that problem by wrapping one of my daughters hair ties around the side putting pressure on my finger. Maybe fiskars could make them with softer plastic. I don't know how that would affect the cost - which, by the way, is awesome at less than $5.

Thanks Fiskars for a great tool that I didn't even know I needed but LOVE!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fiskars A Tisket, A Tasket Border and Corner Punch

Ok, so I'm lovin' these new border and corner punches. I can't seem to do a project lately without including them in some way. My newest corner and border punch is A Tisket, A Tasket. Although I don't LOVE it quite as much as Comin' Up Roses, I still really, really LIKE it. I really like how you can trim the outer edge of the punched border for a pretty edge vs. a squared edge.

The layered card was super simple. I cut 4 squares: (2) 4", 3", and 2". After using the border and corner punches, I inked the middles lightly so that the punchouts would show. I then glued the layers together and added a flower and brad. has some great examples of using the new Border and Corner punches. Check them out for some more great ideas.

Cameron's Donation Cards are Here!

Cameron's cards are finally done! I ordered them with the cheapest postage so that we could keep the card cost down. It felt like forever for the order to arrive but we finally got them today. I also decided to only do sets of 4 cards and took the 4 pictures that had the most votes via email and message boards.
The cost will be $7 for a set of 4 notecards with envelopes. The insides of the cards are blank and Cameron's picture is on the back. Half of that cost will go towards the cost of printing. (It cost $3.52 per set to print them.) The other $3.50 will go towards art supplies for kids at the local children's hospital as well as the homeless shelter.
I ordered 12 sets of cards to start with. Cameron has already sold 4 sets to family and friends. He is really excited to get the art supplies so that we can take them to the hospital. A friend of mine who works for Fiskars is also sending some children's scissors to include with the art kits (Thank you May!). Cameron also wants to include a small toy which I think is a great idea. If you are interested in ordering cards, please email me. Thank you everyone who has been supportive with votes and suggestions.