Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fiskars Comin' Up Roses Border and Corner Punch

I've been watching for these punches ever since I saw them demoed at CHA on the Pink Donut Fiskars video. It looked so easy to use and so beautiful. My lss (local scrapbook store) got them in yesterday and I ran right over to get one. I was NOT disappointed. I LOVE it! It really is SO easy to use. I love the layered effect. It looks beautiful as just a picture mat too but I just love to layer them. Just cut your borders one inch larger than the previous one and start layering.
I do find it easier to punch the corner individually from the border if I'm using cardstock but with regular weight scrapbook paper, you can punch both at the same time. And according to Cameron (my 6 year old), they are a "one man tool!" I accidentally pinched his hand when I tried to punch the corner while he punched the border. Ooops! Sorry buddy! From now on, its a "one man tool" when he's working it. TFL!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Cameron's Project

Two days ago, Junior Achievement talked to our son Cameron's kindergarten class about thinking of ways they can make money to help others. He came home so excited, telling us he had to make money and he was going to start selling his artwork. He insisted he was going to sell it to his friends who, of course, will pay lots and lots of money for his drawings (hee hee :)

Hold on, back up....... Why does he NEED to make money and what does he want to do with it? He is only 6. He told me he wants to help the kids at the hospital. When his daddy broke his back we went to Primary Children's Hospital (next to the hospital we were at) to go to the cafeteria. He saw the kids there who were sick and drew some pictures for them. He said he wants to give the money he makes from his drawings to them. Is this for real? Our 6 year old wants to give money to other kids instead of buying toys? He insists that he really wants to do it and drew a picture that he wanted to sell out on the street to passersby. He even got really mad at us and started to cry when we told him to wait because we needed to make some phone calls and it would take time. Time is not something well understood by small children. They want it and they want it now.

I did make some phone calls and the hospital said they would be happy to take donations. However, rather than money, we offered to buy washable markers, crayons, coloring books, and drawing pads. We are also going to look into making donations to the homeless shelter and domestic abuse shelter. Cameron is soooo excited and wants to do it now!! I wanted to share this with our family, friends, and crafting acquaintances and get some feedback. I have gone through the mountains of drawings he has done the past couple of months to find some to turn into greeting cards. I am trying to decide on a price to list them at if I sell them online. I have set up a one question survey at:

A set of 6 cards will cost $4.90 to have professionally printed. There will be 6 different images in the set. I forgot to mention on the survey that all proceeds, above the cost of the cards will go towards buying supplies for the kids at the hospital and shelters. I have spoken with Primary Children's and they are excited for the donations and to meet Cameron.

If any of you can help with the survey I will really, really appreciate it. Also, will you please look at the pictures below that we are deciding between for greeting cards. I would love to know your favorite 3. You can respond to this post by clicking the comment link below. You can respond anonymously if you aren't a blogger. Also, if you have voted on, or via email, please don't vote again. You can always leave a comment though :)

Thank you!

29 March 2008 Editing to say that the overall winner with votes from my wonderful Fiskateer friends and friends and family who emailed me was K ~ the tow truck and car. The other pictures with the most votes were C ~ Blue Flatbed truck, A ~ Butterfly and flower, and J ~ School bus with barn. The animals were also popular with D ~ Penguin with baby and N ~ Cat on sidewalk. I will be ordering one set of prints to check the quality of Costco and I am also going to check prices locally. Thank you to everyone who voted. I can't wait to get the cards printed and help Cameron sell them. Please stay tuned for more information.

North Ogden Demonstrator Training A Success!

I had such a great time training the ladies who joined me for a Fiskars Tool Demonstrator Training this past Tuesday. Erin drove clear up from Payson. Jeri drove down from Willard, and Amaryllis drove down from Logan. I also got to train two of the store employees, Amy and Jen. They were ALL so much FUN to train! I wish them the best of luck in finding many demonstrator opportunities and I KNOW that they will definately use their new skills. They were all so amazingly talented. I wish I could sit around and play with the tools with them some more because I'm sure that I would learn so much from them.

They all loved the UltraShapeXpress! They also really liked the rotary trimmer and how easy it is to change the blade. I had a scallop blade in it that they all just LOVED. Other favorites were the craft drill, stamp press, and squeeze punches.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful, crafty, FUN afternoon! I hope I get to meet you all again soon!