Monday, January 28, 2008

Tag....What Are you Doing Right Now

Fiskateer lead Stephenie was tagged at Fiskateer StephAnie's Blog. I'll take on the challenge too. I took these pictures this morning at 10 am while the kids and I were getting our day started (hooray for afternoon kindergarten). First, my desk, where I usually start my day checking emails. Yes, it is a total mess! I definately need to organize this today. Kind of reminds me of my craft table. I was in a hurry searching for cards to give at a family birthday party and this is what is left. Its a total mess too!! I need to clean it up because Angela (Spidergirl) mentioned Leah and Johanna's Etsy shop on Fiskateers and I saw these totally cute rolodex recipe card holders. I want to make one of these!

Next, I tried to take a picture of Cameron. He was telling a cute story about penguins but refused to let me take a picture. He likes "privacy" when he tells stories. He usually locks himself in his drawing room.

Kylie was doing a puzzle ~ her favorite thing to do. The cat was looking for some attention - her favorite thing to do! Kylie is such a sweetie and almost always ready to smile for the camera but she was too busy doing her puzzle this time.

Breakfast for the kids: waffles. Breakfast for me: the yogart Kylie didn't like the flavor of and my favorite cereal I was hoping to eat . (4 hours later - I never got my cereal and I'm eating a tamale for lunch).

A picture of the time (on a cute clock my niece gave me) including me ~ dressed before noon (shock!). My favorite pjs that I practically live in every morning are in the laundry. Speaking of laundry ~ where did this pile come from!!!! I was caught up on Friday..... Oh yeah, I took the kids to the zoo Saturday since the temperature was a balmy 37 degrees F (its been WAY cold the past few weeks). I should have done laundry and shopping but we opted for FUN! (The picture is of the kids by a power pole - Cameron's favorite thing right now.) I did the grocery shopping at 9 pm and the laundry got ignored. Sunday, we had church and then a family party up north in Ogden.

I also attempted to take a self-portrait pic for an all about me page. I think I like this one - no glasses on, freckles showing (well.....age spots), no makeup on (I rarely wear it anyway) and smiling half descent. Maybe I'll have my hubby take one later - with make-up and my hair done. Maybe.....

Last, but not least, a picture of our weather here today. We woke up to blue skies. The weatherman forcasted a huge storm hitting by 9 am. At 11 am there were dark clouds but still no rain. Ten minutes later, I looked out the window and it was a blizzard. We got about 6 inches of snow in about 3 hours. I totally lost track of time this morning and had to send the carpool off without Cameron and take him to school myself. Driving in this kind of weather is NOT fun. I almost slid into another car on my way home but was finally able to stop. I plan to stay home the rest of today!!

If you are reading this blog post, TAG your it! What are you doing right now?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Playing with My Fiskars Tools

I have had a lot of fun playing with my Fiskars tools the past week. Prepping for my training and then remembering what fun the tools are has inspired me to do a lot of crafty things this past week. I finished my CD calendar that I started in Texas, created several cards, made a scrapbook page for the January challenge at , and played lots with my texture plates and squeeze punches ( Here is a sampling of the fun I've had:

My CD calendar pages

The calendar in the CD case

January sketch challenge

Cards made with my squeeze punches, UltraShapeXpress, and texture plates.

Fiskars Tool Demo Training

I had my first Fiskars tool demonstration training on Saturday January 12th. I had 11 wonderful ladies join me to learn all about how to use the wonderful tools (and a couple more) that I brought home from Texas. It was great getting together with 6 other Fiskateers and some others that we hope will join us at . Each of the ladies went home with a knowledge of the tools as well as a crafty prize from me and Fiskars. I wish we had more time to just play with the tools and get to know each other. I've invited all of the ladies who came to come over and play with the tools some more and do some actual creating. My picture is of 8 of the 11 (I forgot to take a picture before 3 of them left :( I love the opportunity that Fiskars has given me to share such fun products and share my love of crafting. I look forward to finding my 9 other ladies to train soon! If you live in Utah and are interested in training, please email me!