Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Birthday Cake for Cameron

First of all, a disclaimer. I have not decorated a cake with decorating tips for years (like 20) and that one was really simple. I have 39 professional decorating tips that I have wanted to learn to use but just haven't. I knew that Cameron wanted an excavator on his cake. I also knew that I probably wouldn't be able to find that at the store and that I already blew our birthday budget on craft supplies for the kids to play with at the party. So I made a chocolate cake from scratch ( Top Secret Recipes chocolate cake mix ) and Wilton buttercream frosting.
I hope to get some food color pastes next time because I heard they make much brighter/darker colors. The "dirt" in the hole was Dove dark chocolates chopped up. Considering I only had 45 minutes to frost the cake and decorate it, it turned out okay. Next time I plan to find a cake decorating book and find out how to use all of the cool decorating tips that I have. I also plan to give myself more than 45 minutes to decorate a cake. And I plan to have some good frosting bags. The two I had were old and split mid-frosting. I had to use zip-lock bags instead.
While creating this post, I just browsed the Wilton website and realized just how much there is to learn about decorating cakes. Fun! and fattening!

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