Monday, October 8, 2007

RAK Winner!

Thank you so much everyone for your comments on my blog! It really means a lot to me that you've all taken the time to visit. In fact, I'm going to give away 2 books!

Congratulations Monica-FC and Cathy aka cathynurse on! chosen your comments as the winners! I'll be shipping you both your free copies of my new book "Simply Folding."

For those of you not lucky (or random:) ) enough to win today, please remember you can still purchase a copy of my book! I ship oversees as well. In fact, I have two books I'm shipping tomorrow to France and the Netherlands! To order, just email me here.

Please check back often as I plan to post new cards, iris folding tips, and other creative card making techniques in the future. For now, I'm going to mail two free books and go pack for my long awaited trip to Florida! I leave Wednesday and I'll be back next Monday!


Monica-FC said...

way cool. :) many thanks. Monica-FC

Monica-FC said...

I received my books and just would like to thank you. I was looking thru them when I got them and all I have to say is WOW!!! There is to many projects I want to try.

My first is angel moroni. I just have to do first. Then the temple.