Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sneak Peak!!!

Here is the cover photo for my upcoming iris folding book "Simply Folding." I forgot how much time it takes to make all of the little changes to finish a book. I am so close to being able to say it is done. I hope the long wait hasn't discouraged any of you who are interested. I wondered this past week when I would ever get it done. Lucky for me we had rain on Saturday so my deck building hubby couldn't work. He took the kids to IKEA while I folded and folded and folded!


Monica-FC said...

so neat. wow.

Sue said...

An iris folding book
all of your very own
Jen you must be so proud
it's ready to be shown.
Good luck with the sales
may you have many buyers
enough to pay your debts
to the craft suppliers!
© Sue Pitchfork
(Jacksmum - CofC)

Mad Mary said...

You must be so proud of your self Jen and give yourself a huge pat on your back. I like your front cover image as it gives the buyer an idea of what patterns you have included and how they look made up. I am sure you will have lots of buyers and good luck with it.

Mary Easton
(Mad Mary-COC)

Sheri L said...

How exciting!!! Congrats on your book! It would be yummie mail! ;)
Smiles from Sheri, close to Vancouver, BC