Thursday, October 4, 2007

They're Done!!!

Here they are! I am so happy to say that my iris folding book is done!! So here is a picture of my first five books ready to ship.

Here are the patterns included:

• Heart
• Double Heart
• Circle
• Apple
• Football Helmet and Ball
• Baby Rattle
• Birdhouse
• Maple Leaf
• Frames
• House
• School House
• Tudor Home
• Lion
• Giraffe
• Horse
• Eagle
• Labrador Retriever

The book also includes illustrated instructions on how to iris fold so if you've never iris folded but always wanted to try, here is your chance.

Because I am so happy to have these done, I am going to RAK (random act of kindness) one of my samples to someone who comments here before next Monday at 9 am MST. Mind you, the sample is far from perfect because I ran low on ink as I was printing it up. The pictures aren't as sharp, but the patterns are all there and its free! So please leave a comment to enter the drawing and I'll announce the winner Monday.

So how do you order a book if you don't win the RAK? Just click here to email me and we'll make arrangements for payment and shipping. The cost is $10 plus the cost of shipping and the cardboard mailer. I prefer payments by Paypal or US money orders. Also, I'm curious how many people would be interested in a CD instead for $10 that includes everything in the book or possibly a download? I haven't sold downloads before so that would be something new to learn but if there is interest I will gladly look into it.

Oh, and because I am so happy, I am going to post a free pattern. Remember, it is copyrighted, so if you want to share, please share my blog address instead. Thanks again for everyone's support!


Kathy #324 said...

I think your booklets look very nicely done. Thank you for the heart pattern. I want to give this technique a try and now I can. I have always been interested in the look of iris folding.

JMF (CoC) said...

Your book looks fabulous Jen - good luck with your new venture. I'm sure it will be huge success.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your book Jen :D

Wishing you every success :D

HUGS Heather (hev_bee) coc

doverdi said...

Congrats on finishing your book. It looks great and the pattern selection is awesome! Thanks for a chance to win one.
Fiskateer #1329

Sandy said...

I would love to own your book. I would request you to sign it also :=)
I think it's awesome you have the courage to do this. Wishing much success to you!!!

Lynn #2244 said...

Jennifer, this book is fantastic! I have tried iris folding before, but the instructions didn't look as clear as yours and there weren't many patterns available. I think this book is going to do quite well. Congratulations!

Maya said...

Congratulations Jen! the book looks awesome! There are not so many good iris folding patterns around so I'm sure your book will be a great success!

Maya Fiskateer #351

Sandra said...

Congratulations Jen! The books look terrific and I can't wait to win your sample so I can show it to all my scrapping (iris folding) friends. LOL!!! The patterns look really good. I know I would love to be able to get your book on CD instead of hard copy. But not download; I go through too many computers for that.

Sandy #1781

Brenmarie said...

I love the look of Iris folding but have never tried to. I'm wondering if there might just happen to be a pattern for a dolphin in there? :P

Great RAK!

luvstoscrapbook said...

Michelle #2068

Congratulations on your book being out. I wrote you about the eagle pattern for my daughter. I will so have to put this on my wish list for Christmas. Good Luck on your sales!

luvstoscrapbook said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this book together. It's hard to find IF Pattern books that are affordable. Love your patterns on COC. Good Luck selling your new pattern book.

Paula Li Mandri

BishopsMommie said...

cool, I have always wanted to learn this. hope I win, thanks for the blog candy .

Anonymous said...

wow that book is amazing, I would so be trying to get that published
What a beautiful job you did.

Anonymous said...

congrats on your new book. It took lots of work and I hope it will pay off. Wishing your success in all that you do


Krafty Wahine said...

Congrats! Your book looks great. I need to have one. Keep up the great work and thanx for sharing!

Anita #395

Vaughnde said...

Congratulations Jen! Love the look of the booklet you made up. I am on COC.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new book. What an awesome acomplishment. Your book has lots of interesting patterns in it. Looks like a great finished product.

Cathy aka cathynurse on CoC

Simon & Debbie said...

Awesome that you have published your won book!
Good for you.

And you printed it too? wow. way to go on by-passing the printing and publishing costs!

I'd love to win a copy.

Mary Jane Steinhagen said...

I am impressed with your enthusiasm and talent. Way to go!
Mary Jane (coc member but very quiet.)

Connie Walsh said...

Iris folding can create some very unique designs. I would love to have a copy of your book. Better yet, I would love to win a copy of your book.

Connie Walsh said...
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Sherley said...

What a generous RAK! I love iris folding and am always looking for new patterns.

Laura1943 said...
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Laura1943 said...

Ive dont one iris folding...a onesy for my friend...and it turned out pretty good ! Would love to have more patterns...and learn from a fellow Fiskateer !! Congrats and best wishes on your book !

Amy G. said...

I thought I left a comment here, oh well. Congrats on your new accomplishment. You should be so proud of yourself. You do beautiful work and I'm sure you'll do great with sales. Thanks for the patterns! :o)

stefany said...

ngI just recently learned about iris folding, and I really like it. Your book is beautiful. Good luck!!

Thanks for the pattern!

Monica-FC said...

WOW, The book is cool, and i cannot wait to get your first book. CONGRATS ON GETTING YOUR DONE!!!

Carolyn said...

Fantastic accomplishment Jen. The book and patterns look great.
First time on this blog but I mainly check out your other one and add my thoughts.
Hugs and best of luck
Carolyn (COC)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful job Jen. Book looks awsome. Congratulations. Hugs Babs.
BeautifulBabs38 [C of C]

Anonymous said...

Well done on getting it finished Jen, it looks fabulous! Worth the hard work!
Mogs (CoC)

Anne said...

WOW, what an achivement! congratulations, your book looks wonderful and I wish you every success.
Hugs, Anne xxx (Anne-S) COC

Den and Jen said...

Wow! Twenty-nine comments already! Thanks everyone for your kind words.

(BTW If your comment doesn't show up immediately, it is because I have to approve them first. I'm only deleting duplicates.)

Christa said...

Well done Jen

I would definately be interested in a CD as it is cheaper to post it or a download if you can do this - if I dont win!
In COC friendship : )

Alma7 said...

Congratulations for your book getting published! The cards on the cover looks great, and I'm sure the patterns are, as well.
Thanks for sharing the heart pattern, and good luck with the sales.

Yael (Alma7, COC)

Anonymous said...

createdtoPraise (COC)
Wow great job on your new book, and I hope its a really big success for you. I love IF's and love working them.

ejc (c of c) said...

Congratulations on your book, I wish you every success

Joan Shanks said...

Joan #808
Thanks Jen for giving us a chance to win one of your books.I would love how to do this.

Anonymous said...

Bowler Trish (coc) said: Jen very well done, fantastic site and a wonderful book you have produced. I hope it goes very well for you. Sorry couldn't add to your blog as I don't have one and everytime I tried , it wouldn't let me.

Peg said...

Congratulations! The books look great! Good luck with them! I hope they sell well for you! Thanks for the chance to win one.


lucy said...

congrats Jen, keep it up